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June 30
New 789 Chevy
Thought you might enjoy looking at this unusual Chevy. It's a 1957, 1958 & 1959 Chevy All Rolled Into One!

Thanks to Racer Rich for sendind this to us.

This car was built by N2A motors
(No Two Alike).

Unbelievable! The company is planning a production run of about 100 vehicles.. It sits on a Corvette C6 chassis, Front styled like a 57 Chevy, side like a 58, rear like a 59. Hence the designation "789."

Scroll down

Is this a hot looking car, or what!!!

You probably need to be at least 50 yrs old to really appreciate this, AND I BELIEVE YOU ARE!!!

May7 2014
2014 at the Auto Club speedway vintage and recreation Race Cars from Carl Schultz

Leaving the line Carl and Bobby Unser

It was friday AM session and I had yet to drive to the airport to pick up Tom. I was alone and feeling a bit self conscious with my low budget racer and no crew. Beside me was Philippe's Gurney Eagle Offy team replete with uniformed crew and Bobby Unser behind the wheel. An old fellow (Bob) happened to stumble into my pit area and after mumbled introductions I persuaded him to stand behind me on the line and adopt as best he could the countenance of a paid crew member. As it turned out Bob was a great guy a former racer from Chicago and a docent at our Palm Springs Air Museum. Shortly after he invited me and the car down for a photo shoot with the vintage planes at The Museum, it was a great time and the story got into the papers and local TV Lifestyle Segment.
- See more at:

 Photos by Jerry Imboden

Feb 26 2014
Barbra and BURT FOLAND 

Photo from the Real Die Hard Racers Reunion
As you can see Burt and Barbra are enjoying their Retirement.on  feb 15 at the Real Die Hard racers Reunion in San Jose Cal
If you ran pavement out west from the early fifties throug the seventies You more than likey had to deal with Him! Be it Modifieds Midgets or what ever He showed up to race in.
He won most of the big races in those cars at least once and quite a few more than once.
 A real nice guy always had time to talk to everyone.
by aXe

Feb 15 2014
 The Morales Brothers first racecar.

 From Carl Schulz - Indio, CA
Johhny Mantz at the wheel and beside him our own Walt James on the pole in The Silent Six
A Richard Miller photo reprinted in the 1996 October Perris Speedway Program; it also was reprinted in Dick Berggren's

Jan 7 2014
In 2013 the Little 500 was postphoned one day because of rain.
By aXe
So it was run the same day as the Indy 500. I wasnt feeling well that morning so stayed in bed then in the after noon felt better so I thought I would beat the crowd out of the speedway and head for Anderson spdwy for the Little 500.
   I had been to this race once before and didnt plan on going again but it turned out once a race fan you dont miss very many races if you are close by.
   Have you ever seen 33 Sprints? on a Quarter mile paved track?

                                          all the photos by aXe

This Track  has banked corners so high it is hard to run up there and the track isnt very wide. So that makes for some single file racing, Although it does get very interesting when the brave ones that have cars working pretty good go out side to pass and, well like I said iI does get exciting at times.
  To do the 500 laps requires at least one required pit stop for fuel and that is the reason for this article. You see sprint cars are not readyly adaptable for taking on Fuel very fast. So The car owners have come up with a lot of different schemes to help make those fuel stops more manageable, ie FASTER.  
   There are not very many Fueling rigs that are the same.
some of the photos I took of the different refueling rigs are below




 The way they try to get the air out of the cars fuel tanks while fueling are just as varied.
Pictured below are just a few of them





   By the way I have never been a fan of this type of long distance racing on short tracks or even those huge tracks for that matter,
   I guess I can be wrong though as this race has gone on for around fifty years now. Even though the fan base isnt as big as it was quite a few years ago with the standing room only crowds back then.
   The rain on this Years original race date didnt help out as most around these parts are going to watch the indy 500 and then have to fight the crowd to get out of there. But all in all the place was well over half full for this race.

   Do You think the Indiana Race Fan base really wants to see the Indy 500 any more when they are not familier with most of those racing there? But thats another story all by itself.

Dec 31 2013
  • The now-famous "Patchman" Chuck Alm Visited the Knoxville speedways museum and got the following  photos
    on Jeff Gordon

with permission from Gary Gasper @

  • This year's 2012 driver tribute at the Sprint Car Hall of Fame and Museum went to Jeff Gordon.
  • The following are photos of Jeff's career from midgets to the present NASCAR racing.

  • As you enter the Museum, you see the "Salute to Champion" banner!

  • It's really neat to be a part of this!

  • A nice painting of Jeff

  • One set of patches on display

  • Jeff Gordon related patches

  •  A proud Chuck Alm with his Museum collection!

  • Jeff Gordon's 1994 Cup car

  • Gordon's Busch Baby Ruth car won both Charlotte races in 1992

  • Gordon drove this winged sprint car in 1989-90 at the age of 16!

  • This was Jeff's Silver Crown car.  In 1991, he had 3 wins
  •  including the Hoosier 100 at the Indy Fairgrounds
  • Gordon's USAC non-wing sprintcar from 1990.  He ran 11 races that year with 7 wins,
  •  2 seconds, and a third place finish.  He won at Winchester, Salem, IRP,
  • and Mesa Marin, to name a few!

  • Jeff won 10 National point races in the Diet Pepsi Midget

  • Jeff drove this Bob Trostle sprintcar at Knoxville at the ripe old age of 15!

Dec 9 2013
Bob Boyce Race Shop March 9th, 2013
Photos by Gary Gasper

Bob Boyce has built asphalt and dirt race cars for years and years for many winning drivers.
Bob won the Late Model stock car Championship at Illiana Speedway in 1970 as a driver.
In 2004 he started racing his Cheetah in the Sportscar Vintage Racing Assn.
He has been successful over the years, winning many times at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI. was invited to be in Bob's race shop in northern Indiana recently, to view his shop and some of his racecar collection shown here.

Whats up?

 Bob behind his race winning Cheetah

Cheetah body waiting to be unleashed!

Tight quarters inside the Cheetah...and hot in there in the summer!

Boyce in action at Road America.  The Cheetah will go 170 mph down the straightaway!

Very impressive record for 2012!

Some of Bob's collection in the shop

Roger Ward finished 3rd at Indy in 1961 in this car

Bob showing the power!

No kids, that's not the horn!

The Legend No explanation needed....

Believe it or not, this car from 1965 has never been raced!

Souvenirs on the walls

Another nice memento

Some steering wheels

Good looking way to say "It's Miller Time"!

Auto racing writer Bob Markos (left) interviewed Boyce about his involvement in
the Bettenhausen Classics at Illiana Speedway over the years.

Wish I had this just laying around in my garage!

Ho-hum, just a Foyt car sitting there.....!

This Ford GT 40 has less than 1 mile driven on it!  Yeah, I didn't believe it either!

This rim is known as the "Star of David"


Thanks to Bob Boyce for his time on a Saturday morning!

Dec 8 2013
A few Mel Kenyon action shots!
From the Gary Gasper Collection

Mel waiting to qualify at Plymouth Speedway in 2007

Mel at speed at Plymouth

Mel at Terre Haute in 1982

At Santa Fe Speedway in Hinsdale, Il. in 1983

Terre Haute in 1985

And Mel Kenyon's last ride at the Rumble in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 2009!
See more from Gary at the link below

Dec 6 2013

Continued A Special Visit With Mel Kenyon   
More Mel & Don Kenyon Shop Photos

   From Racer Rich and Gary Gasper

This car's for sale!

Photos, programs, books, and magazines all neatly in order.

Some photos on the wall in Don's office.

Some heavy duty stuff goes on in this part of the shop!

Now, who doesn't have an autographed poster of Linda Vaughn,
 personally addressed to the
 on their wall??


Engine room workbench with more photos on the cabinet doors.

A bulletin board with a couple of former Presidents that Mel has met!  He's met 4 total.

Here's some nice mementos from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Mel giving Racer Rich the evil eye
after Rich asked if he could have the Linda Vaughn poster.....(kidding!)

Wonder how many of these 3-K Racing Team toy trucks are still in this great of shape?

Jessica Bean's Breast Cancer awareness midget

The Brothers Kenyon - Mel and Don
To see more from Rich and gary go here

Dec 4 2013

Check out these 2 Sprint cars Do you notice anything different about them ?
 Let Me Know

Dec 1 20                                                               A Special Visit With Mel Kenyon
                                       By: RacerRich                                                                   Photos By: Gary Gasper

  On Thursday October 24th Gary and I made a trip to Lebanon, Indiana for an interview and photo shoot with the
"King of the Midgets" Mr. Mel Kenyon.

  After we arrived it didn’t take long to realize that Mel had planned a tour of his 3K Racing facilities for us to enjoy.  At our greeting we met our new friend and go between guy, Wayne Kepner who has been around Mel’s racing for many years.

  Mel, his brother Don and their father Everett formed 3K Racing and they bought the current property back in the mid seventies. There are three homes side by side by side and they started their race shop in a 2 ½ car garage.  Mel stated that when they started racing Indy Cars you would find two of them and their midget parked in the shop.  As money became available they would build additions to the shop and added tools and equipment to do everything towards building and maintaining their race cars.

  Today’s racing for the Kenyon’s involves maintaining cars for various race teams while they tutor and mentor young aspiring drivers in the Mel Kenyon Midget Series.  Don is heavily involved with the promoting end of their racing activities also.  They haul the cars to various race tracks by using two enclosed trailers.  One trailer can haul three midgets while the other one can haul two more.  Mel pointed out that Ryan Newman was one of their protégé drivers from years past.

  Our tour actually started in a side building where they store their drums of racing gas and oil and some of their extra equipment.  They also park a couple of the midgets there.

 One is the yellow #61 midget that Mel drove for the final 10 years of his racing career.
He mentioned that the other Kenyon Series midget parked next to it is For Sale.


  When we entered the original part of the shop we found six midgets lined up side by side
with a long work bench and tools for their work.

  Making our way around to the first addition is where they store their new replacement parts.  There is a small office in one corner of this section and a paint room is also accessible from this section.   The walls are lined with many pictures available to look at commemorating the racing years from their past.

  Going back through the original shop we entered the fabrication part of the facility. 

This is where we met 35 year employee Mark Meister who was cutting and bending tubing
for the new midget chassis sitting on the jig that he is currently constructing.

   This area is full of various types of machines, saws, tools and other equipment necessary for fabricating new race cars or to recondition old ones.

The next area we entered is the engine room where there are new engines ready to be placed
in the cars whenever needed as well as the tools and equipment necessary for assembling new engines.

  Mel is telling that over the years he has done much of the engine building for their race team. 

  Again the walls have many racing pictures displayed that pertain to not only their racing but other race teams that they’ve been associated with throughout the years.  He was especially proud of a few non racing pictures of his two trips to the White House with President Ronald Reagan and President George H. W. Bush and his family.

  While we were being entertained with Mel’s stories one of my old friends, Brett Bayston stopped by for a visit.  Brett is the proud father of Spencer, the 2013 Mel Kenyon Midget Series Champion.  After his short visit with the three of us, Mel was only too happy to autograph a picture of him and me taken by Gary at Illiana Speedway a few years ago.  Having read many articles about Mel, we can tell that he has always been a ‘Fan Friendly’ driver.  He graciously shared his time with us, not only this day, but other times when we spent time with him at race tracks.

Mel Kenyon, "Racer Rich" Boteler, Don Kenyon, Wayne Kepner

  Brother Don came in and joined our bench racing session and there were some additional pictures taken before we left the race shop.  Soon Mel was leading us to his house next door to look through his trophy room. When we entered the house we were greeted by his wife Joy and their three pet dogs.  Joy added some stories as we visited with her and Mel before we went into the large room that holds his many trophies, pictures, plaques and other memorabilia that he has collected through his six decades of racing.  All the while Mel was relating stories about his racing career and sharing special information about various items on display.
  Some interesting stats about Mel’s racing career would include that he was born in Dekalb, Illinois on April 15, 1933 and later grew up in Davenport, Iowa.  He attended his first race in 1946 and started his driving career in a 1937 Chevy Coupe in 1954 at a track in the Davenport area.  After an accident that was caused by a blown tire, the car was a total loss and he moved up to modified stock cars in 1955.  Three years later he started his midget racing as he raced with the United Auto Racing Association (U.A.R.A.) and the Badger midget series.

  In 1962 he won his first championship while racing in the open competition NASCAR Florida Series at Daytona Beach.  He started racing with U.S.A.C. later that year and finished 5th in the points standings.

  He has won 111 USAC features which is still the record number yet today.  He eventually won seven National Midget Championships with USAC and finished 2nd in the points another eight times.  He also won three consecutive NAMAR National Midget Championships in 1995, 96 & 97 and won midget features in New Zealand and in Australia.  He has won an amazing 384 features in his racing career.

  He was horrendously burned over 40% of his body and lost the fingers on his left hand in an Indy Car accident at the paved Langhorne Speedway in June of 1965.  After a long recovery period Don and his dad created a driving glove with a socket sewed to the palm of it and a pin was placed on the steering wheel that enabled Mel to use his fingerless left hand for driving.  He came back to make his first of eight Indy 500’s 11 months later and finished 5th in the race.

  Of his eight Indy races he also had a third in 1968 and two 4th place finishes in 1969 and 1973.  His closest effort to an Indy Car win came at the Michigan International Speedway in July of 1972 when he ran out of gas on the last lap while leading the race and coasted to a third place finish.  Mel has been inducted into nine different Halls of Fame.  He has also been nicknamed: ‘Miraculous Mel’, ‘Mr. Midget’ and ‘Champion of Midget Auto Racing’.

 Mel retired from race driving following the Rumble Series races at Ft. Wayne at the age of 76 in 2009.
 He made the features in both nights of racing and finished 6th the first night and then 9th the second night

  The two saddest parts of our visit was hearing the details of his very bad accident that nearly took his life at Langhorne.  This led to two books being written about his experience.  In June of 1976 Mel wrote ‘Burned To Life’ and in March of 1997, Jack Albinson wrote ‘A Hand For The Wheel: The Mel Kenyon Story’.  The second sad story was hearing about the bicycle accident of his first wife Marieanne that left her virtually comatose and eventually led to her death.  After the accident Mel refused to put her in a nursing home and gave up racing on the national scene so he could personally take care of Marieanne.

  To say that Mel has lived a very rewarding racing career would be an understatement.  Racing with the toughest competition through the years he has definitely made his contribution to our great sport of auto racing.  His name will certainly be remembered by competitors and fans alike as one of the greatest drivers from his era.

Joy and Mel Kenyon

With Mel now having turned 80 years young we can happily report that he seems to be in very good health.  He stays very active and looks great!  We truly enjoyed our 2 ½ hour visit and we want to thank Mel, Joy, Don, Wayne, Mark and Brett for making our trip to Lebanon a very special one indeed.

To see more from Rich  and Gary go here

Aug 15 2013
A  one of a kind 2 seater Riley and Scott Sports car
    This year Taking My usual stroll in some race and vintage Race car shops while in the Indianapolis area for the 500.
  Most likely My last trip up there for the Indy 500.
  I came upon this one of a kind 2 seater Sports car

  I was told it was built by Reily and Scott as a prototype for a car to be constructed as a production vehicle by them. Due to unforseen problems this will most likely never happen and this will be the only one ever made.

  What a beautiful car. The body is completely made of Carbon fiber. And it has a tube Aluminum frame and all the bells and whistles You need to go really Fast!.

  I didn't hear a name it would have been called?
   Here are some photos I took of it.

Sure looks low and fast

pretty much shows it has a wide track

If you saw this coming up behind you better get out of its way

June 14 2013
Happy Birthday Joe
 June 11

sorry I missed by 3 days

Thanks Joe for all those great Games We went to at Candlestick, Well except for the one where LT took that hit on you.

May 23 2013

At The speedway today a few photos by aXe

    Well most fans got to drive around on the track today and then the Rain spoiled the Vintage car display. They all just seemed to disappear when the rain hit? Well we found them under the pit area stands.

                                       Here they are with no way to identify them. Boy they sure had them in a cramped area.

                                                        One of the few Vintage Indy cars that didnt go into hiding when the rain hit was this

Granatelli upright Offy Powered car.

After that We went looking for the Ed Carpenter Antron autograph meeting at the Carpenter garages. Antron seemed real pleased to take a seat in one of Eds Indy cars.

Ed Was giving Antron particulars of the Indy car

Antron seemed happy to get a chance to sit in an Indy car

                                                                                                 Photos By aXe

May 21 2013
Ralph Corwin A Speedway Experience 2013 with photos

This is my 47th Indy 500.  I have been photoing auto racing since 1954 at the then Victory Speedway in Middletown NY.  I started indy in 1965 and have missed one in 1967.  I am a huge Andretti fan and photoed Marco on go karts coming up.  I also root for the gals and would like to see Simona do real well.  I hope to get 3 more 500s in which will be 50 on the actual 100th race which means I will have been at half of them.
Here are a few photos so far from this years 500 preliminary days .

Ralph and lots of Ribbons?

Ralph and Legge

                            What ever happened to that old saying, It dont rain in Indianapolis in the summer time?

Another Andretti photo "MARCO"

Ralph and Simona

Well now what do you think?

DEC 7 2012

A Day to Remember those Who helped give us what We have today,
They are to easily forgotten.

Oct 4 2012
This photo was given to me by an old Eastern ARDC, USAC Veteran now in his nineties. He came into Vic Cessen's Auto parts store and had an album with him. This photo was in it.  Not for sure who they all are but I know one. for sure,
 The guy  who brought it in is Joe Fullen and I hope to have half as sharp a memory as He does if I live to be His age.

Lenny Calnoff         His wife                                                       ARDC Driver   Tommy Goggins                                                     Fulans Wife            Joe Fulan

July 30 2012

Kyle Larson captured the win in Sunday night's 30-lap POWRi Midget main event at U.S. 36 Raceway in Cameron, MO.
Lonnie Wheatley sent All photos by TWC

Kyle Larson is joined on the podium by runner-up Brad Kuhn (right) and third-place finisher Zach Daum (left).

Kyle Larson (71) and Rico Abreu (67) battle for the lead in Sunday night's POWRi main event at U.S. 36 Raceway.

Larson and Crew celeberate Victory

July29 2012
Photos sent to us By Lonnie Wheatley not sure who took them?

This was the biggest event in Midgets for Rico so far as it was His very first Main event win.
Rico Abreu celebrates his Cornhusker Midget Challenge triumph.

 Rico Abreu is joined by runner-up Chett Gehrke (right) and third-place finisher Matt Sherrell (left).

Rico  out side up front in His heat race.

Rico Abreu snared the $5,000 winner's share in Saturday's POWRi Cornhusker Midget Challenge
at Junction Motor Speedway in McCool Junction, NE.

Mar 4 2012

Here is an unknown in a photo taken at Kearney Bowl (formerly known as Airport spdwy) back in the mid sixties,Does any one have any ideas who it is?
Thanks aXe

Dec 15 2011

Hare are some photos taken at this years USAC Midget Grand Prix at Toyota spdwy in Ontario Ca. 

I didn't receive any titles or they were lost in the mess with the Gremlins? 

They were all taken by Robert Snow, So if any one can contact Him We would  love to title them.

Thanks aXe











July 30 2011

Sent in to us by Austin Texas William Stone

                                                   Ed Stuck's Bonneville Salt flats Roadster 


Some of you have asked for a copy of this pic. It was taken by a professional photographer in 2006 at Bonneville and is being considered for the cover of the Southern Cal. Timing Assn. magazine. Not that you can tell, but the crew grunts are me and Bob Davis pushing our friend Ed Stuck's car from the trailer to our work canopy very early in the AM. We were working hard - - this thing is a real heavyweight - - a slow hard push by hand - - even on flat smooth salt. Later the next day Ed set a new class record - - 253 mph - - exit speed on his second run 262. A year later he bumped his own record up to 271 - - exit speed 275. The car is powered by a Donovan V8 (a custom aluminum Chrysler hemi). For safety, to keep the car from going airborn, weight is added - - imagine - - a Model A roadster that weighs approx. 5500 lbs!  I have no idea the actual horsepower of this machine - - we've never measured it - - probably well over 1000 hp - - it's fuel was 92% nitro 8% alcohol.

Last year Ed commissioned some custom heads, added a supercharger and moved up a class - - his quest - - to be the first high boy open top roadster to run 300 mph.  As luck would have it though, at about 280 the car spun out, did multiple 360's, wiped out several batteries and a bunch of timing lights. We cleaned up the mess - - including the poop on the car seat - - but damages to the car were bad enough that it couldn't be repaired out on the salt - - the 2010 campaign ended.

He plans to try again in 2011


Bill S.


May 22 2011

               A few pictures from Indy and surrounding areas, none are to important but are about Indy .

                                                 All  photos by aXe unless other wise named

                                                                                  1911 Winner's car 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             photo by Kevin Triplett


                                        What Andy NO KISS For Mario? I Guess the party is over

                                                                                                                                Brownsburg Ind. Salute to the 500


                              The View most see of this fast Hot wheels? Seen behind the Pagoda


                          Did anyone of you ever have this Hot Wheels car? Well this one is full size


                                                                                        Willie T Ribbs

I met this guy when He was a chubby little kid back in the mid 60's That was over 50 years ago. His Dad Bunny Ribbs used to bring Him by the shop I worked at. Now after a few stints way back in SPORTS Cars, INDY-car and NASCAR Racing He is a Firestone Indy Lights car owner


                                 Another Race Car Driver in His own right this is STEVE KRISILOFF, Working with the Firestone group?


                        Now We all have heard of the Canadian Winner Paul Tracy, He has tough row ahead of Him Bump day today


                                                                            Robin Miller interviews T Sheck on live TV


If You wander around most any indy car race pit area You will find this guy working on a crew ? It is Indiana's infamous Trevor Mitchener

Jan 17 2011
May 22 addition ,the picture below is The Mike Ryan Kurtis midget He races in SCCS Vintage Races You are looking at the 6 speed transmission.
                           Picture question of the day, just what is this thing and what is it in ?
Send your guess to

Jan 15 2011
A few words by aXe  &  A few pictures by Kevin on the Chili Bowl from Thurs & Fri. 
                                         by                                                            and
                                         Kevin Triplett                                   Dennis "aXe" Sylvia
                                           Live Oak Ca.                                            Austin Tx.
                                  Contributor to owr
3                         Not sure yet??? of owr3

                     all photos by Kevin Triplett

My money says Cole Whitt wished this gadget was on the front of his car in wednesday nights main event? check it out ,His car seems to be over the line? With the best angle I have found of it so far on youtube.
               Below A couple of California boys not faring so well yet this year at the CB so far?

Above Last years BCRA champ David Pricket, in the Never Lift Motorsports entry 

BCRA champ a couple years ago Justin Grant in Bruce & Dave's, Well its also Wendy Thurstons entry

           above What a start last night from second row to the front on the first lap of the main event
then never to be passed for the win The Throttle Shane Cottle!

                            Stratten seems to still be looking for the short way around this year?

                  Last years A feature winner Kevin Swindell smiling for the Speed Cameras, I hope?

How much more expensive can it get? New Carbon Fibre wheels 
Built by the company shown below.  I wonder how much they cost?

                                            Every year at the Chili Bowl recently there is held
National Midget Hall of fame induction ceremonies .           
Kevin attended this years, I hope he writes a short article on it.

Jan 14 2011
 From the  Chili Bowl time for some Serious ? 

Kevin Triplett
Contributor to owr

Hidden in the dark recess's of the Quick Trip center out of the view of most prying eyes Kevin spotted this creation, What in the world is it?

I am not quite sure what to  make of this creation? But my guess is when they finish it there wont be one in that bunch that could drive it around the block! And another thing after they get done buying all the new supplies to finish it off there wont be any money left for the real racing.
They sure dont seem to be picky of the brands of that stuff?

                                         Is that a wing laying on the ground left side of photo?

                                           what is it a Bud or Busch car? I prefer bush Myself
                    it must have crashed before see the bent main frame rail just inside the wheel.
Both photos by Kevin Triplett, I sure hope the fumes didnt get to him?

Jan 12 2011
                                                 The Dynamic Duo  from the  Chili Bowl
time for some Serious Bench Racing
Kevin Triplett                Sparky Hegwer
This Years Chili Bowl Contributors to OWR
      Sparkey didnt get to make this trip as He is in the Crash house after haveing an arm upgraded.
Hey Man get well soon, PS listen to the docs they know best!!!

Jack Zink Memorial  "The Museum"

Kevin got on the bus at 10 am at the Quick Trip center compliments of Emmett Hahn to go out to the Zink Ranch museum. Here are some photos He took, Hopefully when the B.S. Exscuse me, Bench Racing stops out there and He comes back into town we will get a written story to go with these photos He took.

According to Kevins photo title this is where all the money came from for the Zink enterprises to make it into big time (indy Car auto racing), Seems I recall reading some where that the OK. crude was very thick and couldnt be pumped very easy? Zink came up with this heater and vola instant millionaire. Well that may or may not be true? We will have to wait for Kevins take on that one.

A couple of the Zink racing teams shirts
The name above John Zink TRACKBURNER well they had an indy car outfitted with one of those Turbine's back then. It was said they could run that engine on any kind of fuel, So the diehards who didnt want any turbines at the spwdy voluntered to call it the Zink TRASH Burner. Well it didnt matter as it never got a real shot at making the race before they made it useless by rules changes for the 500 race.

Zink indy roadster taken to the Monza Wall racing events in 1958

The Fruits of thier labors ,The  owners 1956 winning Indy 500 Yrophy.
Compliments of Pat Flaherty's Win

The 1955 Winner painting Bob Sweikert on the Bricks

They also played with the little cars here is their 1947 Kurtis offy midget

Emmett Hahn and the 100inch wb dirt car  He drove for Zink

Then they got down to some serious B. Well it was supposed to be some serious bench racing but You know how OLD racers are the older We get the faster we was!!! Oh yea it was some serious lunch though .

Jan 11 2011
                                      The Dynamic Duo  from the  Chili Bowl's Practice day
                                                  Kevin Triplett                Sparky Hegwer
This Years Chili Bowl Contributers to OWR
 The word from the guys is as of today put your money on Tracy Hines He passed every car that was in front of Him. He was wicked fast said Triplett.
Also showing some speed was Sammy as usual, on RAILS again! But maybe the light weight car may be old enough to show some wear now ? or is that another new car? As it was hidden back in the trailer for some work on it?
J Drake, K Swindell and the Loyet cars seemed to be fast. Way to many cars to watch them all and compare them. A few more photos from the Duo,

Part of the Chili Bowl is the Trade Show  area, Lots of great stuff for sale, including T's there, 

Here is the front of the Double D, Dave Darland T looking like it is worth every cent the want for it.
Ya better get one before they run out of them!

                             Also in the Trade area they always have some race cars on display.
Here is the 1969 Knoxville Nationals winning car

This Spike 1/4 midget must have been left over from last weeks races?

Well the are ready for practice wheres your $30 pit fee?

Hey look the Bondio cars have big front wheels this year. there is a lot more tubing on the front end.

                                           However Word was this Bondio car crashed early? 

                              The McQueen team was thrashing to keep the 3 cars in top shape.

Jan 9 2011
                        Sunday Chili Bowl Pre-Race fun – They are in the Building!
The Dynamic Duo  from the  Chili Bowl 
Kevin Triplett                Sparky Hegwer
This Years Chili Bowl Contributers to OWR

With snow coming they got them all, Well most that are there got into the building. You might wonder how the heck they get all those 18 wheeler trailers and the other trailers in there, they are crammed in so tight it is hard to walk by some of them?
Well this little gadget is a god send in moving them in and out of there. 

   Talk about a long shot for the A Feature next saturday this Ecotech may be one of the longest there?

Now that guy above is a lot younger than this guy, "Floyd Alvis", Perennial West coast BCRA champion, He has been going there for some time now. I dont think He has made the sat A feature yet?

Lately there seems to always be some Team competition in there here are just two of the teams there this year.

Keith Kunz has always got several cars there some very spectaculer, Here is this years group, With Cole Whitt, Brady Bacon and young Alex Bowman up in them, I listen to some of the Real old timers and they say this kid Bowman is the real deal, someone to watch for sure in there this year. 

Now comes the McQueen stable of 3 cars this year, allmost completly funded out of the Little lass's own pocket, Shannon is no slouch in a midget.  Hopefully they will have better luck this year, theTeams Handlers are,Ty Hindman and Dewayne Mcqueen(Shannons Dad).Driving for them is Shannon and Michelle Decker and TJ Smith

Driving this car is Brad Kuhn

In One of the Keith (Blackie) Blackwell cars is Nick Chivello

Tracy Hines in the Bob Parker entry

                                        JJ Yeley is in a Triple Crown racing entry

                                                 Jay Drake in a Scooter Ellis entry

                                      THE Deamon Damion Gardner in a Loyet entry

                                              Sammy Swindell in a Swindell entry 
There is a new trick look on the hood of this car, and that fuel cell sure looks high?

      Not to sure about this car & Driver not listed on official entry but driver is called Limp Johnson? 
                                              check out how low that fuel cell is.

Some are saying this is the best looking car there,
The Mike Minarik carTaking an old Agjanian scheme to it? With Chad Boat doing the driving chores

Mike Minarik car again

Not sure whats going on here? 
Some have had the main roll cage out this far back,
This one just has some carbon fibre panel sticking out this far?

                                    Chili Bowl Pre-Race fun – looking for race tracks
                                                The Dynamic Duo  from the  Chili Bowl                    
Kevin Triplett                Sparky Hegwer
This Years Chili Bowl Contributers to OWR

            With several days yet to go before the Chili Bowl, the Dynamic Duo spent Friday exploring race tracks north of Tulsa; some abandoned and some active.  Our trip began early Friday morning with a stop at the 66th Street North exit off Highway 75 North, the site of the second and last Tulsa Speedway, which opened in 1985 and held its last race in 2005.  The 3/8-mile slightly banked track, grandstands and grounds are seriously overgrown with small trees, but the concessions stands and control tower appear in good condition. The wooden seating surfaces are rotten which is understandable as unsafe grandstands were claimed to be a major problem in the track’s last season.

The intrepid explorers continued north on Highway 75 into Kansas, stopping at Caney Valley Speedway in Caney, Kansas. Originally built in 1968, this semi-banked ¼-mile dirt track finished its 42nd year of existence in 2010, with a schedule featuring micro sprints, two classes of modified stocks, late models, supplemented with factory stock, pure stocks and street stocks.


Headed back south, Sparkey recalled having once visited a dirt track south of Coffeyville, Kansas, so the hunt was on to find this elusive track. Turning west off Highway 169 just north of the Oklahoma state line, and following a gravel road, we spotted an abandoned track through the trees. 


The ¼-mile slightly banked Stateline Speedway was built by Bud and Wanda Purkey over a period of several years, and operated from 1993 through 2003, until Bud Purkey was tragically stricken with cancer. As can be viewed in the photos, many of the track facilities are still in place, including the track motor grader and lighting system, although the parking area and pit area have been taken over since the track’s closing by inventory for Purkey’s Auto Salvage.  During the track’s ten year history, Wanda Purkey told us, the track hosted weekly events for street stocks, with occasional modified stock car or sprint car special event.  In 2010, the inaugural Bud Purkey Memorial Race was held at Mid-America Motor Speedway.  The Dynamic Duo spent several hours exploring the salvage yard and Al Purkey’s race shop, which will be the subject of an upcoming feature article.


A few miles further south off Highway 169, in South Coffeyville, Oklahoma was our final visit of the day to Mid-America Motor Speedway, which features a weekly program including USRA modified stock cars, street stocks, factory stocks and pure stocks. MAMS has its annual ASCS Sooner
Region event scheduled for April 2, 2011.

More from the Dynamic Duo                                    
A visit to Al Purkey's Late Model Racing Shop

Friday afternoon, the Dynamic Duo visited the spacious shop of Al Purkey Racing, located on County Road 1200 in Coffeyville Kansas, right on the Kansas-Oklahoma border, the site of Stateline Speedway.  For those who are not familiar with the name, Al Purkey is the 2010 Lucas Oil Midwest Latemodel Racing Association (MLRA) champion, driving the #33 Larry Shaw Camaro late model stock car, and the son of former Stateline Speedway owners Bud and Wanda Purkey.  

In being crowned the 2010 champion
              This marked Al’s seventh MLRA championship, having previously won the top point title in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2005, 2006, 2009. In addition, Al scored O’Reilly Auto Parts National Championship Racing Association (NCRA) Late model championships in 2003 and 2004. Al’s #33 is powered by a Hatfield Racing Engines 455 cubic inch all aluminum small block engine developing 810 Horsepower on the dynamometer bolted into a Larry Shaw chassis, and the Hoosier Racing Tires are controlled by Integra Racing Shocks. 
Al Purkey, whose nickname is “the Shark” is more than a successful race driver, in addition to operating Purkey’s Auto Salvage and Car Sales during the week, in 2010, Al promoted the inaugural Bud Perkey Memorial Race held  at Mid-America  Speedway in nearby South Coffeyville Oklahoma.  The Dynamic Duo wish to thank Al’s mother, Wanda Purkey for allowing us free rein during our visit to,
Al Purkey Racing's shop. 

Larry Shaw chassis

a Hatfield Racing Engine 455 cubic inch all aluminum small block engine 

                                                                                                    all Kevin Triplett photos

Jan 6 2011
                                Rumble in Fort Wayne Ind.

Jan 1 2011
                     Art of stuntman crashing at Rumble in Fort Wayne 
Stuntman Henry "The Pit Bull" Rife escapes serious injury when he crashes while attempting to set a world indoor record by jumping 10 cars on an all-terrain vehicle. Rife, 42, of Van Wert, Ohio, made his attempt at the "Rumble in Fort Wayne" auto racing event on Friday, Dec. 31 at the Memorial Coliseum Expo Center in Fort Wayne, Ind. The record remains seven cars because Rife did not complete the jump with a successful landing, a spokesman said.

all Photos by Kevin Lillard

Dec 29 2010
I got this picture in an e-mail I have no idea who took it? It states it is an OFFY powered dragster? not to clear a picture but here is the title,    
                                             Back in the day, anything was possible.
How about an Offy with a side-mounted blower on Ed Donovan's dragster?
Any information about this car would be appreciated.
If you want to see all the pictures in that e-mail let Me know, there are some neat old dragsters in it.

Dec 21 2010
Great set of pictures from Walter Zoomie land, credits at end of photos. 
Walter seems to always be telling stories, And there is more than one in these pictures ,That is if you know the chracters in this collection, The white #9 car shown going over the wall and then a guy in a garbage can is the Johnny white carrear ending crash with White in that garbage ending up in that can.

Sept 26 2010

Racer Rich's IMOD car won the Championship at Kankakee County Speedway for 2010.  Champion writer AND car owner!

Gary Gasper photo

Sept 7 2010
                                  Racer Rich's Modified
 Our racing season is almost done out here in Indiana/Illinois. 
These two shots are of Racer Rich's pride and joy!,   He got a feature win and his young driver is in a tight battle for the IMOD championship with a few weeks left.
  Gary Gasper


Aug 7 2010
Early this weeks problems left some pictures out of some write ups, Here are some from the ASCS Series by Lonnie Wheatly.

Dustin Barks Stuns ASCS Sooners at Springfield!
Lonnie Wheatley, SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (July 31, 2010) – Dustin Barks snared his first career American Sprint Car Series feature win by racing to victory lane in Saturday night’s 25-lap American Bank of Oklahoma  ASCS Sooner Region main event at Springfield Raceway.

all Photos by Lonnie Wheatly

Barks started fifth, front row outside starter Sean McClelland outgunned pole starter Joe Wood, Jr., and paced the early rounds

Dustin Barks snared his first career American Sprint Car Series feature win by racing to victory lane in Saturday night’s 25-lap American Bank of Oklahoma  ASCS Sooner Region main event at Springfield Raceway.

Toby Brown carried the No. 29 on his wing at Saturday's night's ASCS Sooner Region event at Springfield Raceway in tribute to Travis Rilat, who continues his recovery in a Seattle hospital.

The Team Travis Race for Recovery logo on Toby Brown's wing

Goularte San Jose speedway Modified , Hardtop Reunion in Gilroy Ca.
My last trip out to Ca I was given these pictures by Vic Cesena, He was the Goodyear Racing tire rep for San Jose and surrounding areas for quite a few years way back then. I dont know who took them but the one with all the drivers on it was a compilation by Dennis (The Menace ) Arnold done in the last few years. The others were traken a couple of years ago at the Gilroy,  Goularte Ranch SJ Reunion , which I have heard that last weeks reunion will be the last one? Unless someone else takes it over

Paul RED Bender SJ Starter & The announcer Kenny Tekauchi

Big Al Pombo at San Jose back in the early sixties

The Campbell Comet Howard Kaeding

The old villian Clyde Palmer

June 25 2010

         Gary Gasper shoots USAC Sprint cars Week at Kokomo spwdy  July 11 2010


A few photos from Friday's POWRi Midget action 
Belle Clair Speedway in Belleville, IL.

Photos from 

POWRi Midget action.

Austin Brown (7) and Brad Loyet race for the lead in the feature event

Brad Loyet in action

Brad Loyet celebrates

Brad Loyet and crew enjoy POWRi victory lane at Belle Clair Speedway

June 12 2010

Images from Wednesday's opening leg of Illinois Sprint Week at Pierce's Vermilion County Speedway....

TWC Photos

1 - Jon Stanbrough in victory lane after topping the opening night of Illinois Sprint Week at Pierce's Vermilion County Speedway in Danville, IL.

2 - Jon Stanbrough and crew in VCS victory lane.

3 - Jon Stanbrough in feature action.

4 - Chris Windom (11) holds off Jon Stanbrough (53) for the lead in the mid-stages of Wednesday night's non-stop 30-lapper.

5 - Chris Windom (11) races underneath Hunter Schuerenberg (35) for the lead on the ninth lap of Wednesday night's feature at Pierce's Vermilion County Speedway.

6 - A heat race goes green at VCS.

7 - Heat race action at VCS


8 - Jon Stanbrough drove the Fox Brothers No. 53 to victory lane Wednesday night at VCS.

Unofficial top eight:  53-Jon Stanbrough, 11w-Chris Windom, 4g-Casey Shuman, 35-Hunter Schuerenberg, 7x-Korey Weyant, 23-Mitch Wissmiller, 2-Wayne Johnson, 14-Hud Cone.

Lap leaders: Hunter Schuerenberg 1-8, Chris Windom 9-20, Jon Stanbrough 21-30.

No cautions in the feature

Images from Thursday night's Illinois Sprint Week event at La Salle Speedway.
From TWC Photos

Terry Babb in Illinois Sprint Week victory lane at La Salle Speedway

Terry Babb and crew in Illinois Sprint Week victory lane at La Salle Speedway

Casey Shuman (4g) & Terry Babb (21x) battle for the lead in early rounds of Thurday's feature at La Salle

Wayne Johnson (2) and Terry Babb (21x)

Casey Shuman (4g) and Wayne Johnson (2)

Casey Shuman (4g) and Justin Grant (5) battle in heat race action

Heat race action at La Salle Speedway

Heat race down the frontstretch at La Salle

Justin Grant

Terry Babb

June 10 2010

                                   Star Mazda Series @ORP May 29, 1010
                                                                Kevin Triplett
                                                                  Live Oak California
                                     Contributor to 

Saturday evening, May 29, 2010, O’Reilly Raceway Park hosted the 65th annual NOS Energy Drink “Night before the 500” presented by Comfort Suites of Brownsburg, featuring the USAC National Midget series.  The history of this event dates back to the 1940’s, when drivers would compete at the old 16th Street Speedway (now the site of the Brickyard Plaza Shopping Center) the night before competing in the ‘500’ the next day.  This year, the racing program also featured the USFF200 series and the Star Mazda series, both of which are considered steps in “the road to Indy.” Unfortunately, this author missed the USFF2000 event, so this article will focus on the 125-lap Star Mazda race. A later article will focus on the USAC midget event.

The cars raced in this series are all manufactured by Star Race Cars of California, using a carbon fiber chassis and 19-gallon fuel cell and as –raced weight of 1900 pounds.  The cars are all powered by 250 HP Mazda rotary engines, mated to a six speed sequential transaxle using Goodyear slick tires.  These cars have considerable adjustments: shocks, front and rear sway bars, adjustable brake bias, and wing angles, which will enable the drivers to learn car set-up skills that they can put to use as they move up the racing ladder.  The Star Mazda series has been competing since 1991; this race featured drivers from ten different countries.      

While visiting the pits, the author met Tatiana Calderon, a 16-year old lady driver from Bogota, Columbia, making one of her first starts on an oval track.  Although she had tested at ORP several weeks earlier, she is still learning how to be fast on an oval track  2010 is Tatiana’s rookie year in the Star Mazda series; she was the 2008 Snap-on Stars of Karting divisional champion, the first female ever to win such a prestigious event, and was the IAME International Challenge Champion in 2008.  Ms. Calderon is a teammate to Indiana resident Conor Daly, son of former ‘500’ competitor Derek Daly.  Look for this young lady in the starting field at the big track on Georgetown Road sometime soon.

Daly led every lap of the event, for his third straight win.  Tatiana Calderon placed eleventh, retiring after 67 laps. The race featured minimal passing, and had only one yellow flag, at lap 25, for Carlos Linares’ crash in turn four. 

The Star Mazda Series competes next on June 19 at Iowa Speedway

All photos by Kevin Triplett
“Drivers awaiting introductions before the big crowd.”

“Tatiana Calderon getting set to go racing.”

“Eventual winner Conor Daly suiting up.”

“Rusty Mitchell of Midland Texas runs a clean line through turn one of the ORP oval.”

“Front row starters Mikeal Grenier of Canada and Conor Daly battle through turn one on the opening lap. Grenier finished second to Daly.”

“Like most modern rear engine cars, the Star Mazda cars do not have gauges, instead using steering wheel mounted digital readouts

June 3 2010

                                  Indy shop tours part one

                                          Kevin Triplett
                                                                Live Oak California
                                     Contributor to 

While in Indianapolis for the ‘500,’ this author was fortunate enough to make visits to several shops in the Brownsburg, Indiana to learn about what goes into building modern race cars. Near Johnson Lane in Brownsburg, there is a complex of several shops of particular interest to racers.

Composite Specialties

“The entrance to Composite Specialties.”
Composite Specialties, operated by Jeff Burnett, an Australian by birth, manufactures carbon fiber parts mainly for the drag racing industry; the day the author visited, injector “top hats” were the focus of fabrication.  Well-known customers using Composite Specialties products include Pedregon Racing, the 2007 and 2008 NHRA funny car champions, Morgan Lucas, and Tim Wilkerson.  In addition to injectors, Composite Specialties also builds carbon fiber fuel tank vents, side window vents, dragster wings, spill plates, and sidepods.  Jeff is also the exclusive US distributor for NRE billet cylinder heads for alcohol drag racing applications, which are manufactured in Australia.

Many racers and fans have seen carbon fiber parts and pieces, but the author learned the steps of the process during the visit.  Similar to fiberglass (glass reinforced polymer); the composite material is commonly referred to by the name of its reinforcing fiber, in this case, carbon fiber.  Parts used in less critical areas, such as injectors, are manufactured by draping cloth over a mold, with epoxy preimpregnated into the fibers (known as prepreg).  The alignment and weave of the cloth fibers is chosen to optimize the strength and stiffness properties of the resulting material.  The parts then cure in an autoclave, because even small air bubbles in the material will reduce strength.

For more information on Composite Specialties, visit their website at

The author thanks Composite Specialties for their hospitality. 

                                                                                      photos By Kevin Triplett

“A finished injector top hate ready to ship.”

“A different style injector top hat being completed.” 

“A injector top hat mold waiting for the prepeg fibers.”

“The Composite Specialties autoclave, with some injectors in the foreground.”

“Two carbon fiber dragster air scoops.”

“The author holding one of the very lightweight injector top hats.”

May 23 2010
             Photos from Lonnie Wheatly.    They were taken sat 22 of may at Lawton Ok. 

Tyler Thomas (91) and Blake Hahn (52) battle for the lead in the latter portion of Saturday night's ASCS2 Midget main event at Lawton Speedway.

The youngest driver in the field, 14-year-old Tyler Thomas of Collinsville, OK, completed a sweep of the inaugural weekend of ASCS2 Midget competition with a Saturday night win at Lawton Speedway after taking Friday night honors at Creek County Speedway near Tulsa.

    A Chevy ECOTec ASCS2 Midget heat race under Saturday night's sunset at Lawton Spdwy

May 16 2010
When ever I get to Speedway Indiana I try to stop by Jim Linders shop, In case You dont know it has moved from gasoline alley shops to Main street in Speedway;

Hot Roding with Jim Linder at

If You ever get to Main street in Speedway over by  Charlie Browns Restaurant  You have to visit Jim Linders  Fuel Injection and more shop.
He is severely devoted to Hot Roding and has open house I think still on Wednesday nights if He is in Town?
WATCH out for that HOT Food though, I saw Him pour a whole bottle of Hot Sauce one night into one of their creations, I just smelled it and My Mouth was burning!!!
Jim Linder

Linder is one very Qualified guy in Electrics and more his specialty is Fuel Injections though.
He also gives classes in Auto ignition systems check it out on His web site.

Here are a few pictures from the shop

The shop on Main st in Speedway

Jim has also got a challenge out for that Big Brown Truck with this Tow Rig.

Challange made is on the side of the tow Rig

                               Something must be top secret in the Fuel Injection part of the shop?

Story and Photos by aXe

May 13 2010
Follow up to story below this one.

Denny Jamison's "Hammer Art" Aluminum pounder!

Don Smiths Sumar Logo

Denny and Crew is as we speak finishing up on the Sumar Streamliner Replica 1955 Indianapolis speedway car. He is going to take it to the Indianapolis speedway on this saturday to unviel it. It will be displayed in one of the F1 garages.Check it out when You go out there.
I stopped by their shop and checked out how they were coming along with it,
It should be wrapped up and ready to show by Saturday.

                       Here She is with Denny along side, part of the body work is in place.

                                  Here is the more of the Aluminum body ready to mount.


Next project up for Denny and the Hammer Art shop is this Sumar streamliner Street Car. They will move the driver to the left siode of the casr and add a passanger seat. Not much more known about it at this time but stay tuned as it gets off the drawing board.

Photos AND STORY by aXe

May 8 2010










 Denny's Hammer Art, Sumar replicar, Built for Don Smiths collection.
Here in Indiana one of My first stops every May is always to Dennys Jamisons, Hammer Art shop.
This is a continuing story of the replica car Sumar streamliner built for the indy 500.
It is getting close to being finished. They are to have it on display at the Indianapolis spdwy for the week starting on the May 15th in one of the F1 garages? Lots of work left to do on it. The first body parts were in the paint booth this morning. Here are a few pictures of how it looked today.
Chassie is all painted and ready for the body, which is being painted.
Front view Xed trosion bars                           Front view long stearing link on left with arm

Side view huge stearing wheel                        rear view with fuel trank bay for 75 gal tank

Offy Engine                                                      Jos Hunt Mag

Front body view ready to paint                    Body is on frame mockup

body rear views

rear and side view of body Tail fin

May 5 2010
 Gary Gasper
Photo Contributor to OWR

The racing season has finally started here in Indiana and Illinois!  Saturday night racing May 1st including OWR#'s correspondent Racer Rich's IMOD car and driver and also the feature winner's car and victory lane.  I will be covering IMOD's, UMP Modifieds and occasionally sprint cars as far as open wheel cars go at 4 different tracks this year.
Gary Gasper.

April 15 2010
more from, Lone Star Rod & Kustom Roundup  Rats & Drag race car pictures

Rat Rod Hearse complete with its own casket below it

                                                                        RAT Rods
Not sure what this is, but it came with its own Bullet Holes, maybe not a true Rat Rod because it is primed?    
                                               About ten Bullet holes in the door

They drove this old T pickup with the Original  WOODEN wheels to the show

Ford Powered rail
Willys with huge engine
               Bantam the owner told Me he couldnt keep it straight after the first 100'


Those were just a few pictures of the over 3,000 Rats, Kustom, Show and Race Cars there. Way to much for these old eyes and Brain to comprehend in 2 days.
all photos by aXe    

April 14 2010
 First set of  Lone Star Rod & Kustom Roundup pictures, I am not into Hot Rods so I cant tell you much about them.                            

I am not sure what this is??? Kustom for sure

Do you remember these 61? Cadddies Bullet tail lights, they seemed to be stolen a lot


This 49 or 50 merc had a late model engine stuck in it


This 49 or 50 merc was keeping with its eras Flat Head engine with triple carbs

     Below One of the nicest roadsters there a very high doller investment

All above photos By aXe

April 4 2010
Pictures from Shasta California speedway BCRA midgets sent in by Robert Haugh

Chad Nichols passing ?

2nd Nick Foster  Winner Chad Nichols  3rd Snake Livernash?

Chad Nichols

Chad Nichols


Mar 28 2010
St Pete IZOD pictures from Sat 27 Mar
                                                               Richard Golardi
Contributor to OWR3
            All photos below by Rich Golardi
AJ & Vitor                                                 Golardi Photo  AJ Vitor                                

Ryan Hunter-Reay                                     Miss Izod                            

Cooper Tire Girls                               

Will Power Verizon #12                           Ryan Brisco Team Penske #6 

Takuma Sato rookie #5 Lotus KV racing Technologies  

USF car of Sage Karam Andretti Autosport driver

                               more ST Pete Pictures from Sunday 28 Mar

Mar 25 2010


                                                               Richard Golardi
Contributor to OWR3
                                                    Rich fufills a dream kiss's the Bricks


Early on a Sunday morning, I roamed the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, with my camera in hand.  I was on a mission.  I wanted to see those things that others might consider mundane, or uninteresting.  For me, they were fascinating. 

My love affair with this event, known as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing”, began in 1964, when I was just 6 years old. 
                             My father took me to my first auto race in June 1964, at Langhorne Speedway in Eastern Pennsylvania. 
At the end of that race, I was hooked for life.
                                                                            500 logo on the chevorlet pace car


In 2009, with my childhood many decades in the past,  I was fortunate to have press credentials for the “500”, thanks to the late John LeVan.

                                                            From the outside looking in

At 7 AM on the morning of the race, I was able stroll down to pit road, just as the wisps of early morning mist still wrapped the front straight.  A few pit crew members were busy in the pits, but most of the pits stood empty.  I spoke to them to learn about their jobs, and to learn more of what the day ahead would bring.  I watched as they carefully placed tape strips in the pit stall, to mark the positions of crew members, and the precise spot for the driver to stop in his stall. With fuel hoses being stretched, then carefully placed along the  top of the pit wall like a snake ready to spring to life.

                                                                                   I saw air guns being prepped,


 The swing gate leading from the pit area to the asphalt of the 5/8 mile front straight was open, and I walked through it. 


I could only imagine the intensity and bravery needed to wheel a high speed open wheel car into the narrow cavern of turn one at well over 200 miles an hour.  I turned in all directions, down to turn four, far in the distance, and looked up at the flag stand.  I noticed cameras placed by the TV crews near the track.

                                                          Front stretch looking into turn one 

                                                        Yard of Bricks at the start and finish line

                                                                              Camera ready


I knew this would be the time to take some photos of the track itself, and whatever caught my eye.  I had promised to get an answer to the question regarding the “Formula 1 start lines”, which appeared to either be painted or imbedded in the asphalt of the front straight.  Why were the lines still there, several years after the departure of Formula 1 racing from the speedway?  Could they be removed?  I found that the lines were painted on the track surface, and appeared to be heavily worn, but still visible.  If I had a steel brush and water hose, I thought, I could get rid of them. 

                                            F1 start lines showing the grooves diamond cut into them.

A couple of views of the Safer Barriers foam material

But, I knew that I must observe and report on the events of the day, and not be a part of them.  That leads me to the “Balloon Tent Incident”.

 As I walked to the infield, I saw the large white tent holding the multi-colored balloons that would be released just prior to the start of the race.  A long tradition, the tent would hold all the balloons that had been inflated and placed carefully under the canopy just the day before.  I assumed that a security officer would be watchfully guarding the entrance to the tent, to prevent any vandals from having their fun.  As I approached the entrance to the tent, I noticed that the flaps were open at the entrance.  I smile crossed my face as I realized that would be the opportunity to get an unusual photo.  I could walk right into the tent to get a photo of the balloons as they clung to the top of the tent, waiting for that fateful moment.

Rich sneaks a peek in the Baloon tent there are thousands of baloons above the bottom of that pile



To spend a day at the speedway will always be a privilege to me, and the honor to have media credentials, as I did in 2009, only made it extra special.  To occupy the same space in the media center as Sid Collins, and Chris Economaki, and Jim McKay, has always filled me with pride.  I can still hear my own footsteps as I walked along pit road in the early morning quiet of race day.  My solitude was interrupted by the occasional sounds of tools and tires from the few pit crew members already scurrying around their assigned spots. 
But the sounds were only brief interruptions, to be replaced by the high pitched roar of the 33 cars that were to arrive, about 6 hours later. 
I could wait.  After all, I had waited a years for this moment.

Borg Warner Trophy Vukovich and Foyt


Mar 13 2010
I got an e-mail from Stan Lobitz a while back with some pictures taken in 1924. It also had this short note accompaning them addressed to.

  Stan / Mal


 These photos were found in a suitcase on a rubbish tip in New South Wales probably 12 months ago.

The Australian 6 manufacturing plant in Sydney early 1924.  Interesting to notice the workmen’s clothes and the early production line.

Thought you guys might be interested in having a look at them.

Believe motors gear boxes and diffs were imported from America and the rest of the car assembled here.



  They were big pictures and I wasnt to sure what to do with them? I just found them again and I decided to let you look at them and send us any information you might have about them.
There were a couple of things that struck Me in the pictures, One was Henry Ford had already got an assembly line up and running about ten years previous to this in about 1914, Why it hadnt transfed over there is a good question.
Another was notice how much wood there was being used in the cars construction,It almost makes you think they are doing wood work of some kind not building cars?

The front of the Australian Motors plant 1924

Are your sure they arent building cabinets or some other wood products?

If it wasnt for the car on the left I would still be thinking it was a wood products plant. 

Steel Frames and wooden wheels!

Guy in the suit looks lost? the rest of them have on aprons,check out the size of that scissors in his hand!

They sure have them cramed in there in this spot there are 7 or 8 different jobs going on in this picture

A hoist? Well block and tackle it really is. and a guy working under that car on the left,
check out the vests on the other workers.

This guy must be the touch up guy?

Nearing compleation look at the hoist in back? Another block and tackle rig.
and look at the couple of different body styles.

Well there they are a few of the finished cars.

Our Thanks to Stan Lobitz for the unidentified pictures, As to who took them?

please, Send any information You might know about them to

Thanks aXe

                                                                        Kevin Triplett
                                                                    Walnut Creek, CA
                                                                   OWR3 Contributor

                          Kevin Triplett
on other things going on at Chili Bowl time  in Tulsa
Including pictures taken along the way.

We had a really  good turnout at the Oldtimers Racers Breakfast in the Golden Corral on 21st Street in Tulsa on Saturday morning. Famous attendees included (apologies in advance for anyone I missed, but the acoustics in the room were horrible.)
Jerry Stone
Johnny Rutherford
Buddy Cagle
Duke Cook
Bud Hunnicut (and his wife Keet)
Jimmy Sills
Bob May
Ken Clapp
JImmy Oskie
Ralph Parkinson
Bill Hill
Sparky needs a new ride so Kevin talked Him into trying out this new car, Sparky are You in there?

They also took a walk one night by the Buzz Rose books stand inside the Chili Bowl building.
They talked to Buzz, Billy Englheart and Duke Cook.

In the middle of the week they went by a Racing parts store owned by the Stewarts Mike and Judy that place is kinda hard to spot as a race car parts store. A little more on this in another story.

Sparky being good friends with Zach Chappell got Kevin an invite to tour their ASCS sprint car race shops. more on that shop later.

So that got them to Saturday nights big main event.
From in the stands that night It's Carla Carter and her dog Oriole before the start of the Saturday night A main in the grandstand. Carla and Oriole had picked Cole Whitt, 
They were very disappointed when Cole Whitt did not win

Then the other half of Carla is in the pits doing some pr work with Michele Decker.


Well if You think there isnt much to do in Tulsa thats just the tip of some of what is going on in that town race week!
From Kevin Triplett and Sparky

 Jan 17 2010

2010's Biggest Midget race Down under in New Zeland at Western Springs Speedway,

American Jerry Coons Jr won his first 50-Lap World Midget Championship on Saturday night 1/7/2010 at Western Springs Speedway, and in the process also won the 2010 Samsung International World Midget Series title.

"Was not the best track (all but Kevin Swindell running the bottom) but always a good night when the American drivers come down & put on a show.
   Good size crowd, lots of cheering throughout all 4 night racing.
   Jerry's car owner [Danny Lendich] has been a car owner for 3 (or four) decades & was car owner for all 9 of Sleepy's "50 lap world Championship" titles.
   This is without doubt the Southern Hemisphere's most prestigious race. "
Here are a selection of shots I took on the night"
James Selwyn  NZ

Samsung International Midget World Series Points
Final (top 6)
1. Jerry Coons Jr. 127
2. Kevin Swindell 83
3. Brad Mosen 78
4. Shaun Insley 70
5. Michael Brunt  69
6. Bill Clarkson Jr. 56

The huge crowd to witness the Yanks take on the Kiwis and Aussies

The frist midget to win a race down under in NZ in 1935 it paced the main event this night

Tony Elliott representing the USA

Kiwi Brad Mosen tough competitor

Michael Kendall, Brad Mosen ,Jerry Coons Jr hard at it

Jerry Coons Jr take home all the marbles

Jerry Coons Jr wave the American flag as the winner of the 50 lapper

The top 3 finishers, 2nd Kevin Swindell, The winner Jerry Coons Jr  3rd Michael Kendall

2010 Chili Bowl Wed night Jan 13

All pictures below by David Cochran,
A high light of the night was, Tony Stewart showing up for the Tractor Race.
Shown here with Bo Binder,  Keith Kunz  and 
Bryan Clauson checking out the track for holes ,Etc?
After scoping out the Track it was time for business,
 as Tony Stewart climbed on the tractor.       
Kasey Kane makes a fan a friend for life

Brent Beauchamp prepares his car

JJ Yeley as usual working on the car

Then it was time to stand on it! Mike Spencer in one of the Bondio cars

Opps some one forgot to signal and they all met in the middle of turns 1&2

Main event early, Bryan Clauson finds the fence ending his chances for the night.

2010 Chili Bowl Tues night Jan 12
some pictures from the nights races by David Cochran text by aXe


After all there is more to it then Just Race cars! 

The Kunz team with Jon Stanbrough in the doorway

Add Excitment as Chad Fredwaldt settles down afer flipping!

Then Shannon McQueen escapes after getting hit by the white car who flips.Shannon had bent rear axle ending chances for this night.

Loyet draws the ball that puts Him on the pole leading to the Race of Champions Win.

Loyet and ROC winners trophy

The MAIN event left to right 2nd was Michael Pickens, Winner Zach Daum and 3rd was Shane Golobic

Shane Golobic interviewed after His 3rd place finish

2nd place Michael Pickens interview He was on board a New Zeland car powered by a V8 Kawaski

And the WINNER is Zach Daum

                                                             Racer Rich
                                      Contributing OWR3 Staff

Adam with his trophy, He the 2009 Shadyhill Pure Street Champion. Two years in a row for this lad!!     RR
Sept 23 2009

Publisher & Editor:
Dennis aka "aXe" Sylvia
From Axe's collection

California dirt track? 1960's Dick Atkins with Trophy Girl Wilda Mimms
Sim Clark ChevyII 
                                                 Crew L to R  Rudy Farburger, Dick, Wilda, Rick Dedman, Sim &  Ken Talley
That Chevy was the hottest out there for years even won the first USAC National midget main event on 2/14/1965 by a chevy II with Mel Kenyon driving it.

Sept 9 2009

Aug 23 2009

A couple pictures from Racer Rich and his Modified

                                  Racer Rich
                                      Contributing OWR3 Staff
Thanks to RaceStar photographer Gary Gasper, Here are three pix some of you might enjoy. Above picture is THE Racer Rich Himself.
The first action shot below is during hot laps last night at SHS. 
The last pix is during the feature where Adam drove from 20th to 5th last night. The 225 car he is passing is Jesse Bitterling, one of our good friends and very best Modified racers from this area. That car has won 6 features this year, 3 with Jesse in the seat and 3 with Kurt Allison, another fine Modified driver in the seat. Adam certainly did us PROUD!!! I'm indebted to Gary for him being a special friend and having him around to be my personal photographer!! How lucky I am!!   RR

Aug 20th 2009
Aug 15th ISMA supermodified race at the Waterford Speedbowl in Waterford, CT.
Pictures By John DaDalt
 Mike Ordway Sr.#71 JefffAbold #05

 Brandon Bellinger #02     Lou Cicconi #10

   Mike Ordway #41  Lou Cicconi #10
 Dave Shullick JR. #61  MikeOrdway Sr. #71 

 Feature Winner #10 Lou Cicconi 
August 19th 2009
NEMA midget race Aug  15th 2009
at Waterford, CT 
Pictures by
John DaDalt
Nokie Fornoro-4 and John Zych-9

NEMA 3 wide, Jeff Abold-29, Erica Santos-44 and Adam Cantor-7NY

Nokie Fornoro-4 gets into Chris DeRitis-99

Russ Stoehr-45 held off Randy Cabral-47 for the victory

Feature winning car owner Gene Angelillo
Driver Russ Stoehr 

Guy in middle of page at back of car was identified as Tom Green. only one identified at this time. 

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